Into Space Games

Into Space games are becoming some of the hottest Flash games on the internet! You play as an astronaut of a rocket ship – and you are on a mission.

Let’s take a closer look at what each game’s missions are about.

Into Space 1


In Into Space 1, your mission is to navigate your rocket ship into Outer Space. To do this, you will need to constantly upgrade your rocket parts, opting for better, more powerful parts that will get you there with the least amount of damage to your hull as possible. You must avoid hitting objects in the Earth’s atmosphere, including storm clouds, helicopters, airplanes, blimps and more. At the same time, you need to collect bonuses along the way. These bonuses will help you earn more money for upgrades, as well as restore your fuel and repair your ship. You pass through checkpoints and various gates to earn rewards and speed-ups. Additionally, you complete achievements to earn even more rewards! Can you do it?

Into Space 2

Into Space 2 is similar to its parent game – Into Space 1. However, in this version, your mission is to reach Mars. To do so, use your arrow keys or A, S, D, W keys to navigate and control your rocket ship, pick up bonuses to earn money, restore fuel, or repair your damaged hull, fly through gates and checkpoints; all while avoiding objects flying through the atmosphere and reaching achievements. At the end of each round, you will receive money for your efforts. With that money, you can purchase more upgrades for your rocket, to make it better, faster, and more durable. Additionally, you can play Mission games, which are similar to a mini-game. By completing Missions, you can unlock even more equipment. Are you up for the challenge?

Into Space 3

So, you have guided your rocket ship into Outer Space, and landed on Mars. Now, can you guide it safely to Neptune? In Into Space 3, you are tasked with that mission. You start the game floating on the outer limit of the Earth’s atmosphere. You need to navigate your ship around Space Debris and alien ships while collecting power-ups and passing through checkpoints to get to your destination. You may need to make some modifications to your ship, though. So, try to score as high as you can on each mission attempt and collect as much money and power-ups as you can, so you can afford the upgrades.

In addition to your main mission, you can challenge other players in the Mini-Games. In these games, you are racing against up to five other players to the finish line. Earn Game Credits by finishing the race in first, second, or third place. Use your game credits in the Game Shop to buy better equipment upgrades for your mini-game rocket ship. (Mini-game rocket ships are separate from your main mission rocket.)

Do you think you are talented enough to complete your mission and be the first to land on Neptune?