Into Space 3 Cheats

While many people may find Into Space 3 a fun and interesting game on its own, others may find it somewhat difficult to play. This is why cheats are created – to make games easier to play. Into Space 3 is no different.

By doing a simple Google search, you can find many cheats for many different games – including Into Space 3. Let’s discuss some of the cheats you can find for Into Space 3.

1.     Money

Some websites you may find on Google will have already hacked the game to allow for certain cheats. One type of hack they have done is the ability to have as much money at your disposal for upgrading your rocket. This cheat can come in handy because it allows you to get a jump-start right at the beginning of the game!

2. Infinite Fuel

One of the hardest obstacles in Into Space 3 is making the most out of the limited fuel you are provided. So, having a hack to allow for infinite fuel is a major benefit. It allows you to continue the playing experience with limited to no disruption.

3. Freebies

Who doesn’t like freebies? I don’t know of anyone who complains when they get free stuff! Some hacks for Into Space 3 allow all equipment upgrades to be free. This is very useful if you are having a difficult time gathering enough money to purchase that final upgrade while playing the non-hacked version of Into Space 3.

4. Fuel Pick-Ups

This is probably by far the best hack available that takes the least out of how the game is actually supposed to be played. Why? It still allows you to work toward the main goal, gather money to use toward upgrades, as well as have all the obstacles of the original game – ability to run out of fuel.

However, with this hack, you have the ability to collect fuel tanks, which will actually let you refuel your rocket back to maximum capacity. The fuel tanks are spread out throughout the game – making it still possible to run out of fuel – but if you do get lucky enough to collect one, it will automatically fully refuel your tank and allow you to play longer.

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