Into Space 2

So, you’ve been able to complete the first task (in Into Space 1) and guide your rocket into Outer Space. Now you have been given a new task. In Into Space 2 – your mission is to land your rocket ship on Mars. Can you do it?

How to Play

Guide your rocket up, up and beyond – while picking up bonuses to earn money, restore fuel, or repair your ship. Watch out for dark clouds and objects in the atmosphere, though. If you touch them, you could take damage to your hull. Fly through the floating gates to get a speed boost. Reach checkpoints to receive amazing rewards.

Click Here to play Into Space 2


  • Left arrow key or “A” button – turn left
  • Right arrow key or “D button – turn right
  • Down arrow key or “S button – turn off engine
  • Up arrow key or “W” button – use boosters


  • Press the “ESC” button or click on the pause icon to pause your game
  • Toggle music on/off
  • Toggle sound effects on/off

End Round Rewards

At the end of each game round, you will find a list of points you have achieved in the round. Points to earn are calculated based on:

  • Duration (amount of time played in the round)
  • Altitude (how high you rocket went)
  • Checkpoints reached
  • Achievements reached
  • Money & items gathered
  • Cargo

The points for each of these objectives are added together. The total of those determines how much money you have earned for that round.


Spending Money on Upgrades & Bonuses
You can spend the money you have earned in each round on a variety of upgraded parts for your rocket. Each upgraded part offers different stat bonuses. The parts of your rocket that you can upgrade are the Head Section, Body Section, Fins, Engine, and Boosters. Each part section has a variety of upgrades to help you improve specific areas of your rocket.

In addition to those upgrades, you can also purchase other bonuses and upgrades. Other bonuses and upgrades may include money bonuses, fuel upgrades, streamlining, and decreasing the weight of your rocket – just to name a few.


Into Space 2 has many achievements for you to work toward achieving. Each achievement earned will award you with a specific bonus. For instance:

  • First Steps – earn this achievement by reaching 1,000 feet altitude (Reward: $50 and +15 fuel)
  • Speed 1 – Achieve by reaching 300 mph on Earth (Reward: $250, +3 Power, and unlock Econom Mode Booster)
  • Speed 2 – Achieve by reaching 500 mph on Earth (Reward: $600 and +3 Power)


One of the newest features introduced in Into Space 2 is the Missions games. These are similar to a mini-game, of sorts, where you are sent on a specific mission with your rocket ship. For instance, in one mission, you may be instructed to fly through waypoints before the time runs out. If you succeed, you will earn fabulous rewards.

Why perform missions? By performing missions, you can unlock new, helpful equipment.