Into Space 1

Into Space 1 is a fun yet difficult Flash game, where you are the pilot of a space rocket! Your objective – guide your rocket past checkpoints to try to reach Outer Space.

Game Controls

This game offers a few options for players to control their rocket.

Mouse Controls:

  • Left click your mouse to activate boosters
  • Move your cursor close to rocket to turn off its engines

Keyboard Controls:

  • Up arrow or “W” button – Activate Boosters
  • Down arrow or “S” button – Turn off engine (this can be useful while maneuvering)
  • Left and Right arrow keys, or “A” and “D” buttons – Maneuver your rocket

Click Here to play Into Space 1

Object of the game

As mentioned above, the object of the game is to move your rocket through checkpoints and around obstacles while collecting bonus items, money, and reaching Outer Space quickly.

Along your journey, you will see many floating objects – some of which can restore your fuel, give you money, or even repair your ship. However, other items you may come across, including grey clouds, which can damage your rocket – so be careful! If you touch a grey cloud, it will perform a Lightning Strike, which will turn off your engine! Bumping any other item other than the bonuses will damage your hull. So keep your eye on the sky, pilot.

There are also special gates you should watch for. These special gates, if flown through them, can give you an extra boost of speed – though they can be tricky to try to fly through.



There are a few user settings you can use to set up the game for your comfort level. They are:

  • Press “Esc” or click the pause button to pause your game
  • Toggle music on or off
  • Toggle sound effects on or off

Earn Money $$$$$$$

Each game round is broken down into “Days”. At the end of each round, you will see your earnings sheet. Your earnings sheet will be broken down into these point values:

  • Altitude points
  • Money gathered
  • Checkpoints reached
  • Achievements reached
  • Duration (how long you lasted in the round)

All of these points will be added together. That total is how much End Round Earnings you have made for that “Day”. You can then use that money to purchase upgrades.


You can upgrade each part of your rocket, to improve its performance and maneuverability.

  • Hull – upgrading the hull will increase your rocket’s durability
  • Fins – upgrading the fins will increase your maneuverability
  • Engine – upgrading your engine will increase your rocket’s thrust
  • Fuel Tank – upgrading your fuel tank will increase your fuel amount
  • Booster – upgrading your booster will increase your rockets thrust and fuel

Additionally, there are other items that you can unlock and upgrade throughout your gameplay. The improvements they allow you to make are:

  • 10% more money for altitude and reaching checkpoints
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Reduce air resistance
  • Reduce damage
  • Protection from lightning
  • Increase thrust and reduce fuel consumption


In addition to the upgrades, by reaching achievements you can gain additional bonuses. For instance:

  • First Steps – Earn this achievement by reaching 1,000 feet (reward: +10 fuel)
  • Duration I – Earn this achievement by making your flight duration last longer than 1 minute ( reward: +20% money during flight duration)
  • Greed I – Earn this achievement by picking up 5 money bags during one flight (reward: +10% gathered money)
  • Expensive I – Earn this achievement by spending $1,000 (reward: 5% discount on your purchases)