Into Space 3

You have been sent on another mission into Outer Space. The most dangerous mission you have ever accepted. In Into Space 3 Xmas story, you must guide your rocket ship through Outer Space and land on the planet Neptune. Can you do it?


You start the game floating on the brink of the Earth’s atmosphere. You know you need to reach Neptune, however, you find yourself confronted with a lot of Space Debris. Guide your ship around the Space Debris and through checkpoints while collecting power-ups and reaching your destination – Neptune.

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The controls in Into Space 3 are similar to those in the previous versions – with a few additions.

  • Up arrow button or “W” key – use booster
  • Down arrow button or “S” key – turn off engine
  • Left arrow button or “A” key – turn left
  • Right arrow button or “D” key – turn right
  • “1” key – activate Speed power-up
  • “2” key – activate Refuel power-up
  • “3” key – activate Repair power-up

That’s right. Into Space 3 has power-ups for you to collect throughout your mission through Outer Space. Can you find them?

Main Mission results

Your results in the Main Mission quests are calculated based on the total points you have achieved for a variety of tasks. These tasks include:

  • Duration
  • Distance from Earth’s atmosphere (starting point)
  • Checkpoints reached
  • Power-ups collected
  • Money collected
  • Achievements reached

The total points of all of the above listed tasks are added together. That total is then converted into game money. You can use the game money you have earned and collected in the Main Mission quests to purchase upgraded parts for your rocket.

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Rocket Upgrades

You are able to upgrade each part of your rocket. Parts include:

  • Hull
  • Engine
  • Head Section
  • Body Section
  • Booster
  • Fin


While playing the Main Mission quests, reach achievements to earn amazing rewards and unlock additional equipment upgrades.


Into Space 3 introduces for the first time, mini-games! In these mini-games, you are racing against other astronauts (game players) to the finish line. Each race consists of five players. Finish in first place to receive a load of Game Credits.

Game Credits

Game credits are different from the main mission quests. The Game Credits can only be earned in the Mini-Game, and only be used for purchasing upgrade equipment for your Mini-Game rocket (Mini-Game rocket is separate from Main Mission rocket).

Additional Settings/Options

The Settings available to players in Into Space 3 are all the same as they were in the previous version, except with one addition.

  • Toggle Music on/off
  • Toggle Sound Effects on/off
  • Pause Game by clicking on the Pause icon or pressing your “P” button on your keyboard
  • Toggle Graphics Quality: High, Medium, Low